Deutsche Bahn
Spatial Communication & Street Art
Deutsche Bahn
Spatial Communication & Street Art
Together with artists from Berlin, we designed the stations Wedding, Frankfurter Allee, Landsberger Allee and Bornholmer Straße with specially created artworks. It was our starting point and inspiration to work on the basis of the colour world and formal language of the existing architecture. As well as to refer to the characteristics, the direct surroundings and the topography of the station.

Over a period of 6 months, concepts were developed and implemented that respond individually to each station. We were responsible for the concepts at all stations as well as for the coordination and implementation on site and the curation of the artists.

The result is eye-catching and individual designs with a strong local colour and a high degree of identity for the stations.
The appearance have been strengthened and the quality of stay has been significantly improved.

Konzept & Design: beMATES GmbH
Artists: Kera Christian Hinz (Wedding)
Falk Land (Frankfurter Allee)
Tape That (Landsberger Allee)
Guillermo Quintana (Bornholmer Straße)
Photographers: Silke Indra, David Trujillo Alvarez

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